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Reader's Theater Scripts(Biographies in Ancient History):

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Highlighting several Women Biographies in Science you may find of interest:

Marie Curie: Marie CurieKatherine Johnson:Katherine JohnsonMary Anning:Mary AnningElizabeth Blackwell: Elizabeth BlackwellJane Goodall:Jane GoodallBessie Coleman:Bessie ColemanAmelia Earhart:Amelia EarhartWW2 Female Pilots:Female Pilots WW2Caroline Herschel:Caroline HerschelSophie Brahe:Sophie BraheRachel Carson:Rachel Carson

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Learn about the Elephant!(DEMO)


Learn about the Polar Bear!(DEMO)


Exploring the Ocean Blue: A Webquest!(demo)

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Antarctica, A Webquest Click here to see DEMO:
Antarctica, A Webquest

The Arctic: A Webquest Click here to see DEMO:
The Arctic, A Webquest

Astronaut John Glenn:A WebquestJohn Glenn: A Webquest

Learn about the History of Space Exploration this webquest:Space

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