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Can spiders predict a sunny day? My mother-in-law told me that if you see spiders “hanging up their wash”(making webs) early on a summer morning, it’s a sure sign of a lovely day. See chimney smoke going straight up on a winter’s day? Another sign of nice weather. But, if you see ants building mounds , it’s a sign of rain. Same with birds roosting on electrical wires, another sign of coming rain. There are lots of weather folklore. Being observant to nature, can help you predict the day’s weather, without a weatherman. Check out lots of other weather lore at the following sites:

Storm Fax


Learn about the history of Ground Hog Day at this site: Storm Fax



Don’t have a thermometer handy in the summer time. You can use a cricket’s chirp to get a pretty good idea as what the temperature will be for the day. Simply count how many chirps you hear in 15 seconds. Then, add the 37 to that number. It will give you a good idea of the temperature in Fahrenheit! By the way, this math formula is called the Dolbear’s Law named for the man who develop the equation in 1898.


Extreme Weather Webquest!

1. The HOTTEST temperature on Earth was record in the Sahara Desert in the country of___________ . In ______it hit a record temperature of_______________ Find the answers at this site: Extreme Science

2. The lowest temperature ever recorded was located in ________. The temperature was a bone chilling_________. Find the answer at this site: Extreme Science


3. It hardly ever rains at what is called the DRIEST place on earth. What is the place and in which country is it found?

____________ Find the answer at this site: Extreme Science



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