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Gail Hennessey

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Interviewing young people who are doing note-worthy things and sidebar topics of things going on in the news are my most often assigned projects. I enjoy writing in the content areas of social studies education, science, geography and economics.

I have been on the teacher advisory boards for Instructor Magazine and was a teacher advisory for a number of years for Time for Kids until my retirement from teaching. Working as a teacher/consultant, I have also contributed to social studies textbooks and have written sidebars on topics in science and reading for science and reading textbooks.

Additionally, I have written social studies test questions for both ACT Testing Company and the New York State Department of Education.

I wrote the monthly teaching guides for Cobblestone's Click, Spider and Ladybug Magazines from 2006-2012 and also wrote teaching guides for Studies Weekly's quarterly news publications. I also wrote the content for Studies Weekly's Grade 6 World Culture Newspapers(28 issues) in 2009. From time to time, I have consulted with Leanna Landsmann's A+ Advice,a weekly column for parents.

I continue to be interested in freelance writing projects in social studies, science and Language Arts(upper elementary-middle school). My latest children's book, Mrs. Paddington and the Silver Mousetraps, was published in 2020 by Red Chair Press and is available at and My latest book of biographical plays was published by Social Studies School Service, in 2016. Please check some of the links below to see samples of my work by click on "Previous Works". Contact me at: Gail Hennessey

August 2020: Fashion Rules! published by Red Chair Press

Fashion Rules!

January, 2020:Mrs. Paddington and the Silver Mousetraps