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Have a few minutes at the end of a class? Looking for a Friday activity? The COLOR GAMES are fun activities where kids test their knowledge about things that are a certain color or have the color in the word. Grades 4 and up. Extension Activties,too. Click on the link and then click on PREVIEW. Each Color Game is $2

  • The Orange Game:Test your Knowledge about all things ORANGE!Great for a FALL Activity!ORANGE GAME!

  • The Red Game:Test your Knowledge about all things RED!Great for Valentine's Day!RED GAME!

  • The Green Game: Test your Knowledge about all things GREEN! Great for St. Patrick's Day!GREEN GAME!

  • The Blue Game: Test your Knowledge about all things BLUE!BLUE GAME!

  • The Yellow Game: Test your Knowledge about all things YELLOW!YELLOW GAME!

  • The Purple Game: Test your Knowledge about all things PURPLE!PURPLE GAME!

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