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  • Highlights for Children 1/2012:My article,"Cooking for Presidents" was published. I interviewed Walter Scheib who, for 11 years, cooked for two Presidents and their families.
  • AppleSeeds: "A Long Hot Walk", pages 10-11. January/2012(Ed Stafford waked the length of the Amazon River
  • My article,"Flight of the Desert Eagle" was published in the 2/2013, issue of Jack and Jill Magazine.

  • My Article,"The Robot That Goes to School" was published in the April 2013 issue of Jack and Jill Magazine.
  • A number of Fast Fact articles and News Shorts appear regularly in Boys' Life Magazine
  • I have written 26 story books from 2011-present for Purple Turtle.Check out a free download,"Purple Meets Freddy at the Lilly Pad" at this link:Purple Meets Freddy at the Lilly Pad

Online works(partial):

  • Uncommon Soldiers: Women During the Civil War
  • Geographic Hunts A-Z
  • Where in the World is Mrs. Waffenschmidt
  • Mammoth Discovery
  • Rare Crab Swarm
  • River of White Rock
  • New Mammal Discovered
  • Biggest Fish Tank in the World
  • Balloon Museum Takes Off
  • Grand Canyon Skywalk
  • Floating Gold

  • "Ice Music",Coming 2018/ Highlights for Children

  • "How Hurricanes Get Their Names", Summer 2018 Jack and Jill Magazine

  • "Art for the Sea", June/2018 Highlights for Children

  • "Amazing Desert Discovery,"January/2018 Jack and Jill Magazine

  • "Growing a Giant Pumpkin,"Sept/October/2017Jack and Jill Magazine

  • "LiLou, the Airport Pig", May/June 2017, Jack and Jill Magazine

  • "Famous April Fool Pranks", April 2017, Jack and Jill Magazine

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  • "The Robot that Goes to School," April 2013, Jack and Jill Magazine

  • "Flight of the Desert Eagle",February 2013, Jack and Jill Magazine

  • Boys' Life: Continue to write News Shorts and Fast Facts(present)

  • 10/26/11:MUMMIES SHARE their SECRETS at Science News for Kids: Click here:Science News for Kids

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