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1. The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word for "large melon" which is "pepon."The French turned the word into "pompon." The English changed {pompon" to "Pumpion”. What are three popular stories where pumpkins are mentioned? ____________ , _______________ and _____________ Find the answer at this link:pumpkinhistory

2. Pumpkins are in the same family which includes squash and cucumbers. They are considered a fruit and not a vegetable. Pumpkins date back to 7000 to 5500 BC , to the Central American country of _________________. Where is the the self proclaimed "Pumpkin Capital of the World""?________________ Which company that makes lots of canned pumpkin is found in this city? _________________Find the answers at this link:pumpkinnook

3. In addition to using pumpkins as a food, Native Americans dried strips of flatten pumpkin strips to weave them into this.____________ Beets, potatoes and this vegetable was used for carving Jack-o- Lanterns before pumpkins became popular. ___________. Immigrants from this country brought the idea of Jack-O-Lanterns to the United States.___________,Find the answers at this link: pumpkinpatch

There are 7 webquestions and several extension activities included in the resource.

Check out the entire Pumpkin Webquest with seven informative text webquestions and five extension activities at my TpT Store:Pumpkin Fun: Informativwe Webquest and extension activities

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