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Learn About the Peanut!

Called pindars, ground nuts, earth nuts, monkey nuts, grass nuts, ground peas, pig nuts, earthnuts, goobers, the peanut is very popular! March is National Peanut Month. Learn some fun facts about peanuts with this webquest!

1. The peanut is actually a member of the beans and peas family. Not a nut, the peanut is actually a_______________ Originating in South America, which early people of Peru used the peanut for religious reasons?______________ Name the four states where a city is named for the peanut._______ __________ __________ __________Find the answers at this link: foodreference

2. Called the "Columbus of the Soil" and the "Wizard of Tuskegee", George Washington Carver is called the "father of the peanut". He found over ______ uses for the peanuts including making shampoo, linoleum and ice cream,just to name a few. Which insect was destroying the cotton crops of the south?_________Because of this, Carver suggested farmers begin planting peanuts.Carver once served a dinner to his guest where peanuts were part of every dish! Find the answers at this link: peanutcircusclub

3. The historic path that peanuts took to get to the United States is very interesting. Peanuts began in which two South American countries?________ or ________ Which country brought the peanut to Europe from Mexico?____________From Europe, traders brought the peanut to this continent to exchange for spices and elephant tusks:___________ From here, the peanut was brought to North America. Find the answers at this link: peanutcircusclub


1. In 1916, 13-year-old Antonio Gentile created the Mr. Peanut logo that earned him a grand prize of $5.00 in a Planter's Peanut Company contest.

2. It was estimated that enough peanut butter is eaten by Americans each year to coat the floor of the whole Grand Canyon with peanut butter!

3. 10 billion peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are eaten each year in the United States.

4. There are 7 Informative Webquestions, lots of Fun Facts and lots of extension activities/links.

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