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"Blue Planet" is the Earth's nickname because from space it looks like a giant blue marble! That's due to the blue coloring of the Earth's oceans which make up 71% of our planet. Learn more about the Oceans with this fun/informative webquest.

1. The youngest of the world's ocean, the Atlantic Ocean's Gulf Stream brings warmer temperatures to Northern Europe. What is the name of the fish, thought to be extinct, found off the coast of southern Africa in 1938?__________After the Great Barrier Reef, found off the coast of Australia, this reef in the Atlantic Ocean is the second largest._________Near which country is it located?________ What is the name for the area of the Atlantic known for mysterious boat and airplane disappearances?_________ Find the answers at this

2. The third largest of the world's oceans, the India Ocean touches the continents of Africa, Asia and Australia. The Indian Ocean also is the warmest of all the oceans. Another name for the Indian Ocean is "Ratnakara". What does this translate to mean?____________What is happening to the Indian Ocean each year?__________ What was discovered submerged in the souther area of the Indian Ocean?__________continent. What is it called?__________ Find the answers at this link:

Extension Activities:

* www.pbs.orgSeveral interactive games(Whale watcher, Kure Waste Chase,Predator protector)

Fun Facts:

In 2012, film director, James Cameron went to the deepest point of Mariana Trench in a submersible called DeepSea Challenger to a depth of 35,787ft(from NG Magazine/June 2013) That's almost seven miles down! The only other manned expedition took place in 1960, when Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard went in a bathyscaphe into the Mariana Trench to a depth of 35,813 ft.

If you measure the tallest mountain from the sea floor up, Mt. Everest isn't the record holder.! The highest mountain would be Mauna Kea, in Hawaii. It is 33,474 ft from the ocean floor but only 13, 680 ft. above sea level.

THERE are 9 webquestion in the resources, 11 fun facts and 9 extension activities as well as comprehension questions, too.

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