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Leprechaun Day is May 13! Reader's Theater Script on Leprechauns

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World Ocean Day is 6/8. Check out this Ocean Webquest

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How to Buy a Dragon: Lesson and activities on bartering
Tuma and the Earthen Jars of Water: Lesson and activities on Scarcity
Petunia's Surprise: Lesson and activity on Competition and Monopoly

Interesting activity: A person had an interesting idea with a dollar which you might want to try a similar project. Write the school's email(and teacher's name) on a dollar bill asking people that come across the dollar to send along a short email saying how the dollar came into their possession and where they live. You could use this as a geography activity, mapping out where the dollar travels. Read the article at this site:
  • Rural Missouri

  • Note:Illustration of money from

    Check out my Money, Money,Money-Teaching Kids about being Good Consumers!(unit of study with notes,fun facts,activities,2 short quiz activities,links) at my Teacher Store at TPT at this link:Money,Money,Money-Teaching Kids about being Good Consumers!