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Let's Explore Prehistoric Man

  1. A famous early man was discovered in 1991. Between which two countries was Otzi discovered?________ and__________________ About______ years old, Otzi, the Iceman is very well preserved. What two things were found in his intestines?_________________ and ________________What types of tools were found with Otzi? ___________, _________and_____________ What were found on his body?______________________ Find the answers at this

  2. Who and when was the discovery of the French cave at Lascaux found?____________and____________ What were THREE animals painted on the walls? __________ ___________ _ ___________What was damaging the cave paintings causing the cave to be closed to the public, in 1963?__________________About how old are the paintings in the cave? ___________________________Find the answers at this link:

  3. Altamira Cave was discovered by a father an his young daughter in 1879. The paint colors are so vivid,that some thought the cave couldn't possible be very old. About how old are the paintings in this cave? _______________Name two of the animals painted on the walls of Altamira Cave._______________ Close to the public for the same reason as Lascaux, a replica cave has also been made for tourists. Find the answers at this

  4. Look at the drawing of a hunter/gatherer. What was the only sweetener used by prehistoric man?_________ Where was this painting found?___________Find the answers at this link:

  5. When Early people first settled in one location, by what area did they settle?_______________What were TWO reasons this location was a good place to settle?____________________Find the answers at this
  6. The complete resource,see below, has 12 webquestions...

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    In addition to notes,I have included lots of additional resources, websites and activities that you might find of value.

    Although I have tried to review each link, please check the site to see if it is appropriate for your grade level. Also, please monitor that students stay at the link. Should you find something questionable, please let me know. Thanks! Please let me know if a link doesn't work so I can correct it. Thank you.