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Leaping Leopards!

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1. Related to the jaguar, the leopard's flower shaped spots are called ____________________.Each is like a human fingerprint-no two are alike. Unlike other animals in the cat family, leopards do like _________________.Find the answers at this link: sandiegozoo

2. Carnivores(meat eaters), what are four creatures leopards like to eat?__________________ What do leopards use to grab their prey?_______________. Up to what speeds can leopards run?____________Find the answers at this link:sandiegozoo

3.People once thought that the leopard was a hybrid of a lion and panther. That's why its name comes from the Greek words, meaning lion (leo) and panther(pard).Leopards announce their presence to other leopards by coughing._____________________In which three habitats can leopards be found?__________________________What is the term for animals such as the leopard that are active at night?_______________Where do leopards often spend much of their day?______________Find the answers at this

THERE are 8 web questions in the complete resource, a Teacher Page with several extension activities and the key .

There are 8 extension activities

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