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Webquest on Egypt:

1. Go to the map found at this link:

Name the bodies of water which touch Egypt.____________

What is the marshy area near the Mediterranean Sea called?_______________

Click on a palm tree. What is the fertile area in a desert called?_________________

Go to the map found at this link:

D. What lake was created with the building of the Aswan High Dam?______________

E.Which three countries border Egypt ____________________

F. Name the canal that connects the Med Sea and the Red Sea._________________

2.How are tourists harming the pyramids?____________________

What would Dr. Hawass like to see happen to the Pyramids at Giza and

Tut's tomb and why? _________________________Find the answers at:

3. Why was the practice of mummy making so important?

____________________ State FOUR cool facts about the mummy

making process. Find the answers at:

4. The Rosetta Stone was a very important stone. Found along a branch of the Nile, called the Rosetta, it was accidentally found by soldiers of _______ while doing this______. It is important because it helped break the code of ________Where is the stone found today? ______________Who decoded the message on the stone? _________________With three languages repeating the same message, which language helped to translate the Rosetta Stone message? _______Find the answers at this link: Historyforkids

5.The pyramids are very famous landmarks in the country of Egypt.

What was the purpose of the pyramids

__________________The largest, still has a small covering of

limestone left at its top. For which king of Egypt was the Great

Pyramid built?___________________The largest portrait in the world,

the Great Sphinx is found near the Great Pyramid. About how many

pyramids have been found in Egypt?___________________ Find the

answers at this

6. When archeologist Howard Carter was searching for King Tut's tomb,

what was killed by a cobra? __________________What did

some think this meant? ___________________ What was a reason

which caused King

Tut's tomb not to have been found earlier?___________________Who

was Lord Carnarvon and from what did he die a few months later?

____________What do scientists think might explain the "curse of the


Find the answer at this

7. The Nile River is the longest river in the world. In which country is it

found? ______________For how many miles does it flow?

___________In addition

to Egypt, through which countries does the Nile River flow?

__________________________________ Into which body of water

does the Nile flow?__________________ Find the answers at this

8. The Aswan High Dam was constructed to help control the flow of the

mighty Nile River and was finished in 1970. What was the lake created

by the Aswan High Dam?__________________It is the

largest man-made lake in the worldMany ancient buildings had to be

moved before Aswan High Dam could be build.

Hundreds of thousands of people had to move from the area. How did

the Aswan High Dam help

farmers and tourists?_____________________________ What are two

negative effects of building the Aswan High Dam for farmers and


Find the answersat this



King Tut Play

Ancient Egyptian Secret Messsage

Let's Explore Egypt!

Let's Meet Hatshepsut, Female Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, A Reading Passage:

Let's Meet Ramses the Great, Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, A Reading Passage: