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State in Focus: ALASKA


Gail Skroback Hennessey

What do you know about the state of Alaska?

Use for following link to answer the map questions:

1.What is the city which is the furthest north in Alaska?____________

2. What is the main river in Alaska which flows from the country of Canada?___________

3. This is the highest peak in Alaska(and North America)______________

4. Name three peninsulas in Alaska? ____________ DEFINE the term Peninsula?______________

5. Name the largest chain of islands off of the Alaska peninsula.____________

6. Which country is found on the other side of the Bering Strait?_____________

7. What is the capital of the state of Alaska?_____________

8. What are the three bodies of water which touch Alaska?_________________________________________

9. Is the Brooks Range above or below the Arctic Circle?_______________

Webquest on Alaska.

1. Siberian huskies and Alaska malamutes are the two main breeds used in the famous Iditarod race. Started in______, the Iditarod, nicknamed the _______________________ is held each year in honor of the Great Race of Mercy, of 1925, to bring needed medicine to sick children living in which Alaskan city?_________Mushers with dog sleds carried the medicine over a 674 mile journey.From which city does the race begin each year? ____________ Find the answers at this link:

2. The word Alaska comes from Aleyska,an Aluet word meaning______________ The state's nickname is __________________.There are 3000 rivers and 3 million lakes in Alaska! What is the name of the largest lake in Alaska?____________ Of the 10 strongest earthquakes to have taken place around the world, how many took place inAlaska?__________ The Yukon River is the ________ largest river in the United States.Find the answers at this link:

Photograph of Denali by Gail Hennessey

Fun Facts about Alaska:

Cheechako means newcomer to Alaska

Alaska has 47,000 miles of coastline and is the only state to touch 3 different seas.

A Sourdough,nickname for gold prospectors, comes from the bread started that these people brought along with them.

Muktuk is raw blubber of bowhead whale(beluga and narwhal,too).Some consider it a delicacy.

Extension activities: students learn about some of the dinosaur discoveries made in the state of Alaska. about the northern lights, the aurora borealis. There is a short clip of the lights, too.

The complete web quest has 10 questions,lots more fun facts and 8 additional extension activities.

Click here to see the complete resource:Alaska: Webquest/Extension Activities!