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The rhino is a homely beast, For human eyes he's not a feast. Farewell, farewell, you old rhinoceros, I'll stare at something less prepoceros. (Ogden Nash, American writer)

Go on a Internet Safari to learn about the rhino!

1. The word rhinoceros comes from two Greek words,"rhino" meaning "nose" and "keros" meaning "horn". What is the only land mammal larger in size and weight?______________Which is the largest of the five rhinos? ________________Which is the smallest?____________ The rhino belongs to the ungulates group. What does this mean? _________________How many toes to rhinos have on each back foot foot?____________On each front foot?_____________Find the answers at this link: pitara

2. The first rhino born in captivity, at the San Diego Zoo, in California, was named Werikhe, after the "rhino man"", Michael Werikhe. Who was this man?_________________What did this man try and do by his actions?__________________Find the answer at this link:redirectify

3. Although many people think the horn of a rhino is made of bone, it's actually really made of this.________________Rhinos are plant eaters, not meat eaters. What is the term for an animal that only eats plants?________________ kidcyber

There are 9 informative webquestions, 7 comprehension questions, several fun facts and lots of activities and additional links in the resource. Grades 4 and up.
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