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"May there always be work for your hands to do, may your purse always carry a shilling or two, may the sun a l ways play on your windowpane, may a rainbow chase after each spot of rain, may the hand of a friend always be near you, may God fill your heart with gladness and cheer you."

Cyberhunt on Ireland

1 What is the highest mountain peak in Ireland?__________ What is the main river in Ireland?_______. The river is _____ miles long and empties into this body of water. _________Find the answers at this site: .Fact Monster

2. What is the capital of Ireland?_______ Near which body of water is the nearby bay closest?_______ What is the name of the peninsula which is the furthest west?_______. Find the answers at this site: Enchanted Learning

3.What is Ireland's nickname________?How did it get this name_________? Find the answers at this site: Travel for Kids

4.What is Ireland's national emblem? _____Ireland is the only country in the world to use a ____ as its national emblem. Find the answer at this site: Apples for the Teacher

NOTE: There are 12 webquest questions in the complete webquest activity and 8 extension activities.There is also a mapskill activity and my "GREEN GAME" where kids find answers with the word green or things that are shades of green in the answers.

Teaching Ideas:

1. Listen to some Irish music at this site: Live Ireland Try the first two samples- actually irish radio station

2. Click to listen to the language being spoken. (click the loudspeaker on the upper right corner ) http://

3. Check out short Irish Folk Stories you can download at:

Apples for the Teacher

Want the entire webquest on Ireland?Check out my materials posted here:Ireland Webquest

Click here to learn more about the country of Ireland from my travel diary!Ireland

Some photographs of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Kerry Bog Pony of Ireland.There ponies were used to bring the peat from the fields and, today are very endangered.

Peat,decomposed vegetation,is cut,stacked and dried. It was used for heating by the people of Ireland.
In Tralee, take in the rose garden which Tralee is famous for and also walk by the mural on main street created in honor of St. Brendan(the Christian monk said to have made the trip in the 6th century).

The Pulnabrone Dolmen is probably the most famous in Ireland. Said to be the burial tombs of prehistoric children, it is found in the Burrens of Ireland. The word "dolmen" comes from the Breton words meaning "Stone Table".

The National Famine Monument was built in memory of the estimated 4 million Irish that lost their lives during the potato famine, of the 1800s, and is found near the city of Westport across from the visitor's center of Croagh Patrick. Croagh Patrick is the mountain that St. Patrick stayed to fast for forty days in 441 AD. Many people each year make the hike up the mountain in a holy pilgrimage.

The Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland is very impressive to see. Over 40,000 basalt columns are packed together created from volcanic activity millions of years ago. Interestly, the columns are also found at the other end of the waters by Scotland. Legend tells of two giants....The Irish giant built the casueway to fight the Scottish giant. One day, the Scottish giant made a surprise visit. Worried, the Irish giant, Finn McCool dressed as a baby and had his wife tell Bennandonnar that if he thought her baby was big, he should stay and meet her husband. Bennandonnnar destroyed the causeway on his hurried trip back to Scotland!

A clochan found along the Dingle Peninsula. Monks lived in these beehive stone huts during the Middle Ages. There was no mortar used to make the clochans. Monks helped to keep learning alive by copying books.

Newgrange is near Dublin. 250,000 tons of stone were used by people of the Bronze age to make this remarkable tomb. Made about 4000 BC, Newgrange is said to be older than the pyramids of Giza,Egypt. Interestingly, each December, on the Winter Solstice, the sun's rays hit the roof of the tomb and, for twenty minutes, lights the inner burial tomb area. If you wish to visit during this day,there is a LONG waiting list-several years!

The famous Cliffs of Moher, near, Shannon, Ireland,is just beautiful. You can gaze onto the Atlantic Ocean from these cliffs that tower about 700 ft. above the ocean,especially near O'Brien's Tower. The cliffs are one of the famous tourist destinations in Ireland.

Photographs from Gail Hennessey