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Civil War Webquest


Gail Skroback Hennessey

The War between the States lasted from 1861 until 1865. The long and bloody war took the lives of over 600,000 soldiers leaving more than 1,100,000, soldiers injured.2011, will be the 150 anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War.What do you know about this time period in American history?Try the following webquest!

1. President Lincoln opposed slavery. When he was elected, which state was the first to secede from the United States?____________How many states formed the Confederate States of America?_____________The Capital of the Confederacy was originally Montgomery, Alabama, but was later, Richmond, Virginia. In 1854, which state was the first fight over the issue of slavery?___________ What did the government act allow the state residents in this state to do? _______________ In addition to slavery, what were 2 other issues that caused the North and South to have conflicts?__________and__________. Find the answers at this

2. The southern states that seceded from the United States, thought no violence would occur, from their actions.They were wrong. What event started the Civil War?_________________. Near which city was this site found?_______________Who was the commander of the Confederate forces during this event?__________________ Find the answers at this

3. Fought on July 21, 1861, in Manassas, Virginia, the first major battle of the Civil War is known as ________________.Spectators actually came to watch the battle! What did some spectators do? ______________Who won this battle?_____________To which city did the North fear the fighting would move to next?_______________Find the answers at this

There are 11 webquestions on my webquest on the Civil War.

Additional I have included lots of extension activities and helpful links.

Go to this link for the complete Civil War Webquest:Civil War Webquest

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