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Use these activities as morning "bell ringers" or as a weekly geography activity.

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  1. Yesterday, I decided to get on a plane and take a trip. I found myself in a wonderful place. This huge white building looks like a palace but it's really a tomb for a dead woman. Seems when the man's wife died, he was so upset he wanted to build her the most beautiful tomb in the world. The architect who designed it was "rewarded" by having his eyes pulled out! (Some people say all his hands were crushed). In either case, it was so the man couldn't build another building to rival this one. I am in a city called Agra. Can you find me at this famous tourist place and tell me the country that I am visiting?

  2. Off on another adventure. This time, I have just climbed 16 steps leading to a wonderful tomb that was buried for centuries beneath the desert sands. This tomb, found in the Valley of the Kings, was made for a teenage king. Although there were many mummies buried in this area, no women remains have been found .. maybe that's why it's called the Valley of the Kings! When the tomb was discovered in 1922 by an archaeologist named Howard Carter, it was still untouched. Gold treasures were everywhere. Over 500 objects were found including jewelry, boats, chariots, 100 baskets of food and even the king's underwear! It took ten year to photograph, label and remove the treasures from the tomb. The body of the king was also found. Can you name this king and the country that I am visiting?

  3. Mrs. Waffenschmidt here .Today I'm standing on the second floor of what was called the world's greatest engineering marvel when it was constructed in 1889. You can take an elevator up, but I walked up the iron stairs to the second floor. It was pretty scary, seeing the ground below as I climbed higher and higher. The huge wrought-iron structure was designed by Alexandre Gustave oops, the tower is named for him, so I can't say the rest of it. In 1948, a circus owner took the oldest female elephant in the world (85 years) up to the first floor of this tower. The stairs are so very narrow. I don't know how the poor thing managed the climb. I hope it lived to see her 86th birthday! I thought of treating myself to lunch at the very fancy restaurant on the second floor named for this country's very famous science fiction writer but I settled for just getting a soda at the snack stand. Can you name where I am and in which country this tower can be found? Can you name the famous writer from this country, too?

  4. Wow, what a cool place I have just arrived to visit. I'm way up in the sky and think that if I stretched out my hands, I could almost touch the clouds. No wonder the people honored the sun. It was hardly ever seen up here. Built by the Incas, this unique stone city is believed to have been a religious and holy place. It's a wonder just how these people got all the stones up to this height-about 8000 feet atop a mountain overlooking the Urambama River. It's believed that llamas carried all the building materials up the mountain. Even the soil used for the farming areas had to be brought up from the river valley below. One of the biggest tourist attractions in South America, this wonderful place was hidden for hundreds of years. It was accidentally found by a man named Hiram Bingham in 1911. Sadly, archaeologists, people that DIG their work searching for things earlier people made and used, found very little left behind at this "ghost city". Can you name the country that I am visiting and name this famous place?

  5. I've traveled to my next destination and I must say, "This place really rocks!" I'm standing in front of this HUGE red colored rock. It's MASSIVE about 5 miles around and is about 986 feet above the desert floor. In fact, it is said to be the LARGEST single stone in the entire world! Pretty cool, don't you think? Anyway, there are all these really neat caves that I can explore inside this gigantic rock. I can see lots of very unusual rock paintings made by the original people (called Aborigines), too. The country where both the rock and I can be found was settled by the British after they lost the 13 colonies in the American Revolutionary War. Oh, my I think I see a marsupial animal hopping over to the left. Where's my camera? Can you name the country and the "rock" I am visiting? Can you tell me what makes a "marsupial" animal unique?

  6. Looking down from the airplane, this huge oval shaped amphitheater is quite a sight to see. Just like spokes on a bicycle wheel, all the roads seem to come right to this exciting landmark. Built in eight years, this gigantic open air arena was begun in the year 80 AD It was the sight of some pretty exciting as well as horrible events. Warriors called "gladiators" would fight to the death in the area while crowds of people watched. Then, before the triumphant gladiator would strike his final blow, he'd look up to the audience. If they were waving hankies or giving him the "thumbs up" , it meant for him to spare the loser's life. If , however, the audience was giving the "thumbs down" sign, he was being told to kill off his opponent! Back then ,people who believed in God, were thrown into the arena and hungry lions would be released to attack them all while people sat and watched! Other times, men would fight animals or the arena was flooded with water and ships would have sea battles the place was THAT huge. Used for 400 years, people eventually saw the place as a "stone quarry" and during the Middle Ages, many stones were removed to build other buildings! As I walked around this tourist site, I noticed a cross at one of the entrances. It was placed many years later, to honor all the Christians who died here. Can you name the city and country that I am visiting? Can you name this famous place?

  7. Keep that fan blowing , please. It's so hot where I am but the place I am visiting is just amazing. In the desert sands, this unique part man and part lion limestone structure is said to be about 4500 years old. Looking up at the face, it's pretty badly damaged from sand blowing over the years. In fact, this structure has been buried up to its neck several times over the centuries! Standing by one of its front paws, you can see just how big this stone structure really is. The paws alone are 50 feet long. And, the head would you believe it's 30 feet long and 14 feet wide? The whole statue is about 240 feet long and there's a tail around in the back. On the front, there is a story which tells how a king was promised a huge kingdom if he'd stop and clean the sand off this part man/ part lion stone statue. The beard on the face is gone. It fell off many years ago. The nose is pretty much gone, too. Stories used to say that French military leader Napoleon and his men, shot the nose off with their rifles for target practice. But, drawings from before his time, show the nose was already missing. Someone just told me that there is a KFC nearby. I sure could use a drink to quench my thirst. Can you name this famous place and the country that I am visiting?

  8. I just love saying the name of this capital city KATMANDU. Isn't that a cool name for a city? Found in the highest mountains in the world, this country that touches India is home to the highest mountain peak in the entire world. It's about 5 1/2 miles high! While here, I didn't shake hands with people that I met .I used the traditional custom for greeting someone called "Namaste" which is placing your palms together as in a prayer gesture. I also visited a Buddhist stupa which was very beautiful. Can you name the country that I am visiting and the mountain chain and mountain peak?

  9. Imagine having a shorter way to get from Europe to India. Well, that's what this wonderful engineering feat of man did back in the 1860s. Builder Ferdinand de Lesseps wasn't really the first to have this idea. In fact, it is known that in 600 AD, an early waterway was created for the very same reason. Today, this man made waterway saves 6000 miles that a ship going from Europe to India would have to travel if this wasn't around. Sand from nearby deserts is constantly blowing in to the waterway area and that's why dredging machines(to deepen the waterway) are constantly working. Did you know that this man made wonder is 46 feet deep and measures 390 feet wide and is more than 100 miles long? In the 1980s, a tunnel for cars was completed under the canal. Can you name this famous site that I am visiting and also the country which owns it?

  10. I'm visiting a city that was covered by volcanic ash when a volcano erupted back in 79 AD. You can still see the extinct volcano in the distance. Now escavated, this "unburied" city is a popular tourist site. Walking around the city, you can see a bakery with bread still in the oven as it was when the volcano suddenly erupted. One house even has a "Beware of Dog" mosaic at the door entrance and I took pictures of a small amphitheater that was unearthed(not as large as the very famous one found in another city in this country). It is very eerie seeing the plaster cast molds of the many victims positioned in their very last breathe before death. One especially sad area, the " Garden of the Runaways", has both adults and children who managed to reach the wall of the city but couldn't escape before dying. Although many died from rocks hurling rom the sky, most of the many victims died from falling ash and fumes and not lava. I walked the stone streets with three raised stones positioned every so often. The stones were originally built for two reasons... one to help you cross without getting your feet covered in waste water(no underground sewers) AND to prevent attacks from neighboring areas(only people in the city knew the dimensions to build their chariots so they could pass through the streets)! Can you name the city and country AND the volcano? Any idea WHY people would want to build a city near a volcano?

  11. I'm off again on another exciting adventure. This very unusual city is called the " city of water". Can you believe there aren't cars here and everyone gets around by using boats in this city with 150 canals and 400 bridges? I took a ride in one of the long black boats called a gondola. The gondolier(person who gave me the boat ride) wore the traditional stripped shirt and straw hat with a long black ribbon. He used long poles to steer the boat through the narrow canals. The city of water, made of about 117 islands , is sinking each year at about 1/3 of an inch! This city was settled in the 8th century( you know what time this would be-700 or 800s????)
    There are pigeons EVERYWHERE in the famous center of the city called the Plaza of San Marco. Within a minute of holding out some seeds, I had pigeons circling all around me. I must say that it was a bit frightening. Before I left, I purchased a really pretty pair of earrings from one of the many shops that sell the colorful glass for which this city is world famous. Our guide told us that at one time this was the THIRD largest city in all of Europe.Can you name the city and the country that I am visiting?