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Note: In February of 2016, Supreme Court Justice Anthonin Scalia died. The Constitution says that the President of the United States is responsible for naming a replacement to the court. Republican leaders said they would NOT allow a nominee, named by President Barrack Obama, to be brought to the Senate for a vote. They argued the NEXT president, who would take office in January 2017, should make that choice. With almost 10 months left in office, do you think that decision was correct? Why is the selection of someone to the Supreme Court such a very important one? Interestingly, should there be a vacancy on the Supreme Court in the coming months before the 2020 election, the same Republicans are saying that Donald Trump SHOULD be able to appoint a person to the bench. What do you think changed the position of these Republicans?

Oyez, Oyez, Let’s Learn about the Supreme Court! The Supreme Court begins its new session the first Monday of October.

1.Meeting in 1790, who did President George Washington select as the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? ____________ What was done at this first session?_____________________Find the answers

2. Part of the Judicial Branch of government, what is the Supreme Court's most important responsibility?_________________Unlike other courts, can decisions of the Supreme Court be appealed?______The Supreme Court can also decide if the actions of the President are unconstitutional. Does the Constitution state the number of Supreme Court Justices?___________Find the answers at:

3.The Supreme Court Building was built in 1932, the court's 146th year! In which city did the Supreme Court first meet? __________Can someone that is from another country become a Supreme Court justice?________Located on the top floor of the Supreme Court Building, what two activities are banned while the court is in session?__________________ Find the answers

Check out the entire Webquest on the Supreme Court at my TpT Store:Supreme Court Webquest

Note: Illustrations from and photograph of the Supreme Court Building is from