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Country in Focus: RUSSIA

Russia, the world's largest country in the world, can be found on both Asia and Europe. It is 1/8 of the world's surface and twice the size of the United States! Covering 11 time zones(the USA covers 4), Russia is a major producer of gold, silver , diamonds , oil and natural gas.The XXII Olympic Winter Games or the 22nd Winter Olympics, took place February 7th-23rd, 2014, in Sochi, Russia.

What do you know about the country of Russia? Grab your camera, backpack and some of your favorite snacks and let's explore the country of Russia!

Map Work:

Use this map:

  1. Look at the map of Russia and find the city which is closest to Lake

Baikal? ________________

2. Find the city of Sochi, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Near which body of water is the city?____________

There are 6 Map skill questions:


1. Formed 25 million years ago, Lake Baikal is the world's oldest and the world's deepest lake. What is its record depth of Lake Baikal? It is also the _____________ longest lake in the world! Find the answers at this

2. The Volga River of Russia is the longest river in Europe. With more than 70 species of fish and 8 hydroelectric plants, the Volga is important not only an an important waterway. What is the length of the river and how many tributaries(smaller rivers) empty into it?____________Find the answers at this link:

3.Much of Russia's northernmost land ,called tundra, is often frozen year round. What is the layer of permanently frozen groundcalled ______________. During the winter months, how low can temperatures reach?___________Find the answers at this link:

There are 10 Webquestions in the complete resource.

Fun facts about the country of Russia:

The world's deepest freshwater lake is found in Russia. It is called Lake Baikal.

Russia is called the lungs of Europe. It has the world's largest forest reserves providing much oxygen to the world.

There are seven Fun Facts


Extension Activities:

Intricately decorated jeweled eggs , first made for the royal family in the 1880s by Peter Carl Faberge ,opened to reveal treasures. Draw a Faberge egg. Check out this site to see some of the beautiful eggs. https://www.Faberge Imperial Eggs!

  • Read a Russian folk story such as the Frog Princess (Tsarevna Frog)

    There are nine extension activities:

    Additional Resource:

    More information for kids on the country of Russia:

    There are Seven additional resources.

    This can be used as a one day activity or over several days if you choose to do some of the extension activities. The resource can be incorporated into a unit of study on Russia.

    Click here to purchase the complete resource:Country in Focus:Russia(Webquest,Mapskill,Extension Activities!

    * Photograph of St. Basil by Gail Skroback Hennessey

    *NOTE: Russia Flag from