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US Landmarks

Denali(tallest mountain in North America)which is located in the state of Alaska

Let's go around the country and visit some of our famous Landmarks....

1. The world's tallest trees are found inRedwood National Park in Humboldt County. The tallest tree rises to 379.1 ft. What is the tree's name AND compare its height to the Statue of Liberty. Find the answers at this site:Redwoods

2. The Liberty Bell, found in Philadelphia, PA, was originally known as the "State House Bell". It is said that the large crack occurred when it was rung to celebrate Washington's Birthday in 1846. What were other names for the famous bell over the years?Find the answers at this site:Enchanted Learning

3. Old Faithful, is the famous geyser found in Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming. Members of which expedition in 1870 gave the geyser its name? Erupting about every 91 minutes, on average, how many gallons of boiling water are expelled? What is the height that the water reaches?Find the answers at this site:EasyScience

4.Niagara Falls is made up of two falls. Horseshoe Falls, the largest, is about 173 ft. high and 26,000 feet wide. The American Falls is about 182 feet high and about 1000 feet wide. From which native American name did the falls probably get its name and what does it mean?Find the answer at this site: two men were probably the first Europeans to see the falls?Find the answer at this site:Niagara Frontier

5.St. Louis Gateway Arch, the tallest national monument in the United States, stands 630 feet tall. That's taller than the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument! Who was the architect that designed the arch and for what reason was it built? Find the answers at this site:Enchanted Learning

6.Mt. Rushmore National Memorial was the work of sculptor Gutzon Borglum. It took 14 years to create. Each of the four faces have noses about 20 feet long. And, their eyes each reach about 11 feet across. Lincoln's mole is sixteen ft. long! How tall would a person be if the faces were done to scale? Who are the four presidents on the monument and why were they picked? Find the answers at this site:Mt.

Learn about more US Landmarks with this additional resource:U.S.Landmarks: A Webquest

Check out my additional resource on World Landmarks, An Internet Activity:World Landmarks, A Webquest

Check out my other resources, including Reader's Theater Scripts on famous people and webquests at my TPT Store.

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