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Trekking up Mt. Everest: A Webquest


Gail Hennessey

In 1923, English mountaineer George Mallory was asked,"Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest?" His response, "Because it's there." He would make three attempts at climbing the massive peak which at that time was known as the third pole. On 1924, he and Andrew Irvine trekked up the mountain and never came down. Thousands has been trying to summit the world's highest mountain peak since this time. Learn about Mt. Everest, Nepal and the Yeti with this webquest!

  1. 1.The highest mountain in the world(above ground) is Mount Everest. It measures 29,035 ft. Scientists say the mountain peak is still growing,about 2.4 -3 inches a year! About how many MILES is Mt. Everest at 29.035 ft.?___________Located in the Himalayan Mountain chain, between which two countries is Mt.Everest located?___________and ____________. The people of Tibet call the mountain peak,___________,which means________________.What is the name for the group of people that help climbers trek up the mountain?_________How do these people usually receive their first names?_______________Find the answers at this

    2. How did the mountain peak get the name of Mt. Everest?_________________From the summit, you can see the countries of Tibet, Nepal and India. Although others had tried, on May 29, 1953, which two men were the first to summit the peak?_________________ and ________________Sadly, since 1953, 307(as of May/2019) climbers have died in the attempt to reach the peak. What are three dangers that climbers of Mt. Everest can face?______________ _______________ and _________________Find the answers at this link: .Find the answers at this

    3. The Seven Summits are the highest peaks on all the continents. Which is the highest peak on the continent of North America?_______________ What is the highest peak on the continent of Africa?_____________Which is the highest peak in Europe?____________________On which continent is Vinson Massif?_________ Find the answers at this link:Seven Summits

    Interesting Facts:

    * Samantha Larson,18 , of California was the youngest foreigner to summit Mt. Everest in 2007. The previous youngest person to summit the highest peak was Temba Tsheri, 16,(some records say 15) of Nepal. In 2010, Jordan Romero, from California, became the youngest to summit Mt. Everest. He was 13 at the time.

    *If you measure from the bottom of the ocean, Mauna Kea, a volcanic crater in Hawaii, is the tallest mountain.

    Extension Activities

    Go to Facts to Wow Your Friends to see lots of fun facts about Mt. Everest!

There are 9 webquests in the complete resource and 10 extension activities. Additionally, there are comprehension questions and  11 Cool Facts. I think you will find this webquest of value to use with your students.

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Trekking Up Mt.Everest(A Webquest/Extension Activities)