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  1. Crystalinks
    What was a ziggurate and what does the word "ziggurate" mean?_______________________

    Who were the three inventions of the people of Mesopotamia?_________________________

    Find TWO facts about the story._______________________and_________________________

    Look at the map from 2500 BC:
    Which city is closest to the Persian Gulf?
    Which river is closest to the Zagros Mts?________________________________

    People of Mesopotamia played musical instruments. What was the instrument shown on the clay tablet?__________________

    Written on a clay tablet, an ancient cuneiform letter of complaint is the world's oldest such letter ever found. The letter dates back to about 1750 BCE! Go to this link and read about this artifact:

    Oldest Complaint Letter!

    1. Where was the cuneiform letter found?

  6. 2. Who wrote the letter?
    3. What were THREE complaints the man had in his letters to a supplier known as Ea-nasir?
    4. Although not on current display, where is this cuneiform letter kept?
    5. What is the name for the earliest known Semitic language?
    6. Have you ever been unhappy about something you purchased or received? What was the item?
    7. Have you ever written a letter to a company? Do you think it might have helped to contact the company?
    8. Pretend you are Ea-nasir and write a letter back to the customer. What might you offer the customer to make him happy?
    9. Many artifacts are located in countries other than where they originated. Some of the countries want their historic artifacts back. What do you think about this issue?
    10. Archaeologists find many artifacts(things made and used) left behind by ancient cultures. What are two things we can learn from artifact?
    11.If you could leave 7 things for a future archaeologist to find to tell about your culture, what would you place in a box and why?

    Extension Activities:

  7. Fun Site: Write your name in ancient cuneiform:
  8. Fun Site: You be the Judge! Hammurabi's Laws
  9. Test Your Knowledge on Ziggurates: Ducksters

  10. Resources: Powerpoints on Mesopotamia
  11. Laws of Hammurabi: Phillip Martin
  12. Want the entire unit on Mesopotamia with notes,activities and additional resources?Check out my materials posted here:Mesopotamia:First Historic People

    Ancient Mesopotamia:Secret Message(A Review Activity)

    Hammurabi,King of Babylon: A Reading Passage

    Note: Illustration from: