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Inauguration Day!


Gail Skroback Hennessey

Taking the oath of office, a big parade and evening balls, Inauguration Day is a very busy day for the incoming President!

  1. Who reads the oath of Office to the incoming president?_________ Inauguration Day used to be held on this date.______________Now, the date is January 20th, unless the date falls on a Sunday. Who was the first President to be sworn into office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol?__________________Name TWO Presidents who were NOT sworn into office on January 20th?________________ and ______________Why?_________________________________Find the answers at this link: National Geographic

    2.Now held on the steps of the West Front of the Capitol Building,in which city did our first President, George Washington's inauguration take place? _________________ For his second inauguration, Washington and following him, John Adams both had their inauguration ceremonies held in this city._____________________ Did you know that the first President to have his inauguration held in Washington, DC, was Thomas Jefferson? Read the oath of office at the top of the page. What does the President swear to preserve, protect and defend?_______________Find the answers at this link:

    3.In 2008, why did President Obama have a second swearing in ceremony?________________________Who is the current Supreme Court Justice___________________ Where was the second oath taken?________________ Find the answers at this link:

    4.Which president gave the longest inauguration speech? __________________It was a very cold day. This president died of pneumonia a few week after becoming the president. Perhaps, he got ill during the giving of his 100 minute speech! Who gave the shortest inauguration speech? _________________For which famous quote in his inauguration speech is John F. Kennedy remembered?___________________________ Find the answers at this link:SeattleTimes

    Did You Know?

    The First Inauguration Ceremony to be on television was in 1949, for President Harry S. Truman.

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower was actually lassoed by a cowboy who came up to him on a horse during the 1953 parade ceremony.

    Did you know thatPresident George Washington carried a sword to his Inaugural Day ceremonies?

    Comprehension Questions:

    1. Why do you think the Constitution doesn't require the use of a Bible for the Inauguration ceremony? Name two presidents that chose not to use a Bible to take the oath of office.

    2. Why is the Vice President sworn into office before the president on Inauguration Day?

    Extensions Activities:

    1. Write a paragraph explaining President Kennedy's quote "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country".
    2. Illustrate one of the facts learned about Inauguration Day. Write a sentence or two to explain the drawing.

    3. In 1929, when President Herbert Hoover said one of the words incorrectly when he was sworn into office. An eight-grade girl, Helen Terwilliger heard the mistake and wrote a note to the President. In 1929, President Hoover actually got the letter and responded that he did NOT make a mistake. Back then,news was shown in movie theaters and people heard the mistake. The young girl was correct! Do you think Helen should have written the letter to the President? Why, why not?The President eventually had to admit the young girl had been correct. Do you think the President should apology when he does something wrong? Why, why not?

    There are 10 webquestions, 9 Did You Know Fun Facts and 8 Comprehension Questions in the complete resource. Six Extension Activities in the complete resource plus the key for the web quest and the comprehension questions.

    Additional Resource of Interest:

    1. Learn about the White House with 10 informative web questions, comprehension and discussion questions and several extension activities:

    2. Did You know that President John Quincy Adams had an alligator? Martin Van Buren had two tiger cubs and President McKinley's pet parrot could whistle, "Yankee Doodle". Did you know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt served HOT DOGS to the King of England? Did you know that President Garfield could write with both his right and left hand at the SAME time?Presidential Webquest/Extension Activities:

    3. Did you know that First Lady Hillary Clinton was the first First Lady to become a senator of New York? Did you know that Florence Harding was the first woman to be able to VOTE for her husband in a presidential election? Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt was called the "First Lady of the World" ? Learn about the contributions of some of ourfirst ladies with this fun and informative webquest:

    4. Do YOU Know Your Presidents is a series of three challenges. Each challenge worksheet has 25 questions(with 3 choices). The first challenge is the easiest with the third, the hardest.There is also a Presidential Did You Know? Section:

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