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"First Lady" is the title given to the wife of the President of the United States. It was first used to refer to Rutherford Hayes' wife, Lucy Ware Webb Hayes, when a journalist called her "First Lady of the Land"".The first First Lady, Martha Washington, was called "Lady Washington". "Mrs. President" was also used to refer to the wives of Presidents prior to the term,First Lady. Learn some interesting facts about some of our First Ladies!

1. Abigail Adams and Barbara Bush are the only two First Ladies that were both wives of a president and the mother of a president. During the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, what did Abigail ask her husband to do?_____________Abigail was also the first to live where?___________Find the answers at this

2. Dolly Madison,who had a green parrot as a pet while in the White House, was the first to introduce ice cream to the White House.During the War of 1812, she also is credited with rescuing the portrait of George Washington,the Declaration of Independence and the BIll of Rights, hours before the British burned the White House. She was the very first American to ever respond to this type of message.____________Dolly also was the only First Lady to be given this honor.____________________Find the answers at this Known Facts Section)

3. Helen Taft, one of two first ladies to be buried in Arlington Cemetery,had the idea to bring which trees to Washington,DC?___________From which country were the trees a gift?_______________Helen Taft was the first First Lady to do this.______________After leaving office, her husband, William Howard Taft took on another job as a supreme court justice.Find the answers at this link: womenshistory

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Illustration of the White House: