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Fly like an Eagle...
Barry Holubeck
Skydiving /Windsuit pilot/instructor and Videographer

Have you ever looked up at birds soaring in the sky and wondered what it might be like to fly? Barry Holubeck doesn't have to wonder...he does, thanks to a wing suit. A civilian contracted instructor of the US Navy, Barry teaches Navy Seals how to skydive.A videographer,he also teaches base jumping and wingsuit flying. To date, Barry has have made over 13000 skydives, about 1200 BASE jumps and has used a wing suit 600 times.

1. What's it like flying in a wingsuit?
The views, like flying by mountains and seeing their textures and colors of the wall, are truly amazing. While flying over a glacier,I was amazed to see the deep blue colors and gaps in the ice. From a distance it looks smooth and snowy. When you get close and over them then are very jagged.It's amazing to get a chance to see the world from my perspective and get to see what the birds see!

2. What kind of speeds do you travel?
Most common, are speeds around 100 mph forward and 30-40 mph down, but you can go as fast as 140 mph in forward flight. Wingsuits allows you to glide longer distances horizontall , maximizing the time in free fall.

3. What do you think about?
I love the freedom of jumping off and coming as close to human flight as one can get. It is just you and mother nature. It gives me a tremendous amount of peace.Stepping off the cliff is the best. It's so quiet and in just a few seconds the wind picks you up and you are flying. While flying no two flights are the same- there is always something else to see and feel. If I am flying next to the mountain,I am thinking of the flight line and where to fly because of how close I get to the mountain.Of, course,at all times, you must be aware of what is going on around you,proper preparations and the conditions and are very important to jumping safely.

4. Where are you favorite places to fly in a wingsuit?
Europe has the biggest and most accessible places by far. Switzerland, France and Italy have the most to offer. My personal choice is Switzerland, which offers very big cliffs that are not hard to reach.

5. Can you describe the wingsuit?
The suit that I am flying is made by a skydiving suit manufacture Tonysuits. It is made of a material called parapak, a medium weight fabric that does not let air pass thru it. The suit consists of three wings: each arm and between the legs. There is a top and a bottom surface which inflates as I pick up speed. The suit works the same as that of an airplaness wing. You fly the wing suit until about 300 ft or higher above the ground and, then, open the parachute.

6. How did you get interested in this?
I had been skydiving for a number of years and decided to give base jumping a try. My friend took me to a bridge in Idaho that allowed jumps. After checking my gear, I bent my knees to jump off, and off I went! Seconds later my parachute was deployed. After landing, all I could think about was getting back up and doing it again! Moving on to wingsuits allowed me to get longer flights.

7. Anything else you'd like to add?
Follow your passion. Mine has taken me around the world,recently to the highest mountain in the world,Mt. Everest. I am living out my dreams. It is so important to do what you are driven to do that will improve your life and those around you.

THANK YOU, Barry, for the great photographs!