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What do you know about Antarctica? Did you know that there aren't any countries on this continent? Did you know that Antarctica is called the largest desert in the world? Grab your warmest coat, a hat, goggles, scarf and gloves and let's explore the continent of Antarctica!

1. Unlike all other continents, there are NO time zones on the continent of Antarctica! Who was the first to spot the land of Antarctica? _________ In the 1840s, what did several countries determine about the area called Antarctica? ____________Which explorer was the first to reach the South Pole(in 1911)?______________ Only a couple of weeks later,Robert Scott also reached the South Pole. What happened to Scott and his crew?__________What did American Admiral Richard E. Byrd become the first to do in 1929?____________Find the answers at this link: coolantarctica

2. From a Greek word meaning "opposite to the north", Antarctica has 90% of the world's ice. Much of the ice is 1 mile thick! Click on the different slides to learn about some of the mammals that call Antarctica home. Which mammal's name is misleading as it doesn't eat what its name implies?_________ Of all the seal species, what can be said about this particular seal?_______The Weddell seal can hold its breathe for as long as 45 minutes!What seal has very large eyes?_________Which seal is known for its underwater singing?____________Find the answers at this link: activewild

3. Why is Antarctica called the "largest desert in the world""?_____________. Because there is little sunlight, cold temperatures and poor soil, there is little plant life found on Antarctica. However, some plant life can be found in Antarctica. Name two types of plants found on the Antarctic Peninsula.___________ and _____________Name two flowering plants that grow in the summer months: ___________ and _______________How many species of penguin breed on Antarctica?__________There are NO terrestrial mammals found on Antarctica. Thought question: What does "terrestrial" mean?_________________ Find the answers at this link: Activewild

Did You Know?

1. The continent of Antarctica was once part of a larger mass mass called Gondwanaland. India, Australia, SA and Africa were also part of Gondwanaland.

2. The highest point in Antarctica is Vinson Massif. It is 16,070 ft. (4897 m)

3. The coldest temp ever recorded was -128.6 F(-89.2 C)onJuly 21, 1983, at the Russian Vostok Station, on Antarctica.

4. Did you know that 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice and snow?

5. Did you know that only 100 tourists are allowed to be ON Antarctica at any one time?

There are 10 web questions and 14 Did You Know? Additionally there are 9 Comprehension Questions(some thought questions), a Teacher page with 7 extension activities, additional links and the key.

Check out my complete Webquest on Antarctica:Antarctica! A Webquest

Note: Illustration from Wpclipart.com