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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


There is a Black History Month, Native Americans Heritage Month, a Hispanic American Month and a Woman's History Month. Asian American/Pacific Islanders Heritage Month is a time to highlight the contributions of these groups of people to the culture of the United States.

1. Which president first established a week to honor the contributions of Asian/Pacific Islanders Americans, in 1978? ____________ Which president extended this commemorative period to a month? ___________________Why was the month of May selected as the time to honor Asian/Pacific Islanders? _____________________________ It was also selected because the Transcontinental railroad was completed in May (1869), something many Chinese immigrants helped to build. (Quick History Lesson)

2. Who was Kalpana Chawla?_____________ In which year did Chawla accomplish this?_______ What did the country of India name in her honor?______________________ Chawla died doing what she loved. What happened?__________________ What personal dream did she fulfill?____________________Thought question: What is a personal dream you hope to fulfill? ___________________________Find the answers at this link:

3. I.M Pei designed buildings. What was he interested in when young? ______________________ What is the term for the art of planning and designing buildings?_________________________Considered a modernist, what are 3 materials used in his style of buildings?_____________ _______________ and ________________ What don't you see in most modernistic buildings? ________________ What is Pei's most famous building? ________________Where can you find this building? _________________What building did Pei design in Cleveland, Ohio? _________________Find the answers at this link:

4. Yo Yo Ma is a cellist and songwriter. The musician, of Chinese descent, was born in France. He began learning the cello at what age?__________ Taught by his father, when did his father wake Ma up for a lesson and to practice? ______________He was called a "child prodigy", someone very good at something at a young age. What famous school in New York City did Ma attend?______________________ What happened that Ma couldn't play the cello for many months? ____________________Why?_________________

He plays many different types of music(genres). Name 3. __________________ _________________ and ____________________ Ma has won 18 Grammy Awards for his music and uses a Stradivarius and a 17th century cello from Venice, Italy. For what movie did Ma create the sound track?____________________ What award did Ma receive in 2001?__________________________What other honor does Ma do on behalf of the United Nation? ______________________ Find the answers at this link:

5. Ellison Onizuka was the first Asian American to go into space. Born in Hawaii, Ellison's parents were from Japan. What was a famous quote of Onizuka? ____________________________________What do you think he meant by this statement?______________________________________Onizuka went into space in 1985 aboard the Discovery. Sadly, Onizuka died when the Challenger exploded in 1986 on take off. Interestingly, what possession of Onizuka survived the explosion? _____________Find the answers at this link:


Scroll down to Map of Asia Pacific region:

Extension Activities:

1. Try Japanese Origami:

2. Make a Chinese paper Lantern:

3. Try Rangoli, an Indian art:

4. Try learning a Filipino dance called tinkling.


NOTE: Illustrations from Pixabay

Check out the complete resource at this link:Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: A Webquest