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It's All Greek to Me

A Webquest on Greece

1. The country of Greece is a bit smaller than thestate of Alabama.Which countries border the country of Greece? __________What bodies of water touch Greece?______________ What is the largest island of Greece?______________ Which direction is Sparta from the capital city of Athens? _____________Find the answers at this link:

2. Connecting the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf, the Corinth Canal separates this lower section of Greece from the mainland._____________ What is the term for a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land masses?____________ Can you find another example of this geographic term somewhere in the world?___________ The idea of a canal was started back in 602 BC. Because there were too many problems building a canal, what was the stoned pathway called used to take ships over the land?______________ What took ships over the land area?________________ What were these?__________________Many early leaders believed that the god of the sea opposed the canal which would connect the Aegean and Adriatic Seas.How many miles long is the Corinth Canal?________ Find the answers at this link:

3.If you collect stamps, you might know that the name of Greece is also the Hellenic Republic. Ancient Greeks believed that their gods/goddesses lived on Mount Olympus. It is the highest mountain in the country of Greece. What is the height of Mt. Olympus?_______ When was the first recorded climb to the summit?_____________Who was the ancient Greek poet that wrote about the palaces of the gods/goddesses that were on the peak of the mountain? __________Find the answers at this link: tripsavvy

4. Click on Aesops. Aesops was a famous Greek writer. What were his short stories called?________________What characters were in all his different stories?_________________What did his stories teach?___________________What was one of his most famous stories?___________________ Click on Aristotle. The teacher of Alexander the Greek and called the Father of Science, Aristotle, was a philosopher, a lover of wisdom. Which two ways did he say one should go about learning the truth? _________________He was also interested in ethics. What is the study of ethics? _____________Click on Socrates (Sokrates). This philosopher, called Socrates, used this method to learn and share his ideas._____________Click on Hippocrates(Hippokrates). Hippocrates was called the father of this science.__________________ Find the answers at this link:

There are 9 informative web questions,comprehension questions and several extension activities.

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