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Webquest on First Ladies of the U.S.A!

"First Lady" is the title given to the wife of the President of the United State. It was first used to refer to Rutherford Hayes' wife, Lucy Ware Webb Hayes, when a journalist called her "First Lady of the Land".The first First Lady, Martha Washington, was called "Lady Washington". "Mrs. President" was also used to refer to the wives of Presidents prior to the term,First Lady. Learn some interesting facts about some of our First Ladies...

1. Abigail Adams and Barbara Bush are the only two First Ladies that were both wives of a president and the mother of a president. During the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, what did Abigail ask her husband to do?_____________Abigail was also the first to live where?___________Find the answers at this link:http://www.firstladies.org/didyouknow.aspx(Little Known Facts Section)

2. Dolly Madison,who had a green parrot as a pet while in the White House, was the first to introduce ice cream to the White House.During the War of 1812, she also is credited with rescuing the portrait of George Washington,the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, hours before the British burned the White House. She was the very first American to ever respond to this type of message.____________Dolly also was the only First Lady to be given this honor.____________________Find the answers at this link: First Ladies.Org(Little Known Facts Section)

3. Helen Taft, one of two first ladies to be buried in Arlington Cemetery,had the idea to bring which trees to Washington,DC?___________From which country were the trees a gift?_______________Helen Taft was the first First Lady to do this.______________After leaving office, her husband, William Howard Taft took on another job as a supreme court justice.Find the answers at this link:_Women's History.com

4. Hillary Clinton, is the first First Lady to be elected to the senate, representing this state.________In 2007, Hillary ran for president of the United States but lost the Democratic nomination to Barrack Obama. Hillary Clinton joined President Obama’s cabinet and serves as_____________ She was also the first first lady to win a Grammy award! What was the name of the book for which she got this award?__________________ Find the answers at this link: http://White House.Gov

5. Laura Bush was both an elementary school teacher and librarian. She promoted literacy as First Lady. She said that "The role of first lady is whatever the fist lady wants it to be." As a child, Laura Bush said that this was one of her most prized possessions___________ As First Lady, Laura Bush also stared this program to protect cultural and natural heritage of our country.____________Laura also substituted for President George Bush giving the weekly radio address. Find the answers at thislink:Our White House.Org

6. Eleanor Roosevelt traveled the world representing her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She had a daily newspaper column called__________What were two topics which she expressed her opinion?__________________ She also held regular press conferences and hosted a radio show.After the death of her husband, Eleanor spend many years as a spokesperson for which organization?__________Find the answers at this link:White House.Gov

7. Martha Washington is the only First Lady whose image was used on currency. She was also the first first lady to have her image on this_________ She was given this title when her husband, George was president.___________ After the death of her husband, what did Martha do with all the letters written between she and George?________Find the answers at this link: http://White House.Gov

8. Florence Harding was the first first lady to be able to vote in a presidential election. She once said, "I had only one real hobby, my husband." Florence was the first first lady to travel by this method of transportation.____________She was also the first first lady to get protected by this organization.___________Find the answers at this link: http://Gail Hennessey's To Tell the Truth Play on Florence Harding INTRO

9. Michelle Obama is the first African American First Lady. She brought the idea of a vegetable garden back to the White House.As First Lady, name two issues she supported.________________________What was the name of her program to help kids be more active?_____________Find the answers at this link:http://White House.Gov

10.Nicknamed "Lady Bird" as a young girl, Claudia Taylor Johnson became First Lady when her husband assumed the presidency with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.She started the tradition of holding the Bible while her husband said the Presidential oath of office. Concerned about the environment, what did she encourage being done along the nation's highways?_____________What did she want banned along highways?_____________ She worked with her husband with his war on poverty and civil rights. She was also involved in this program to help preschool children. ____________Later in life Lady Bird started what organization?______________Find the answers at this link: Gail Hennessey's To Tell the Truth Play on Lady Bird Johnson Intro

11.Edith Wilson was the second wife of President Woodrow Wilson. She didn't like the term First Lady and preferred being called Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. She was the first First Lady to travel to this area of the world with her husband._____________She was the first woman in Washington, DC to do this._________Her husband called her,his_______________ and she often was asked her opinion on issues of the day.Find the answers at this link:Gail Hennessey's To Tell the Truth Play on Edith Wilson(intro)

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