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MUMMIES! A Webquest

Gail Skroback Hennessey

What do you know about mummies? Learn lots of interesting facts about mummies of the world with this webquest!

1.Tollund Man was discovered, in 1950, when two brothers were digging up peat to heat their homes. He is an example of a Bog Mummy.

In which country was Tollund Man discovered? ________________With skin, a coffee brown,and red hair, what was found around his neck that made it clear that he had been murdered?__________________About how many years ago, was

Tollund Man killed?___________________ Find the answers at this link: MUMMYTOMBS.COM

2. What food was found in Tollund Man's stomach and intestines? ___________________What did archaeologists try and due after they made this discovery?______________________ After much study, archaeologists determined that Tollund Man was killed for which purpose?_______________________ Exposed to air, Tollund Man rapidly started to decay. Which two body parts , of Tollund Man,were preserved and placed in the Silkeborg Museum? _________________________

Find the answers at this link: MUMMYTOMBS.COM

3. Dating back 7000 years, the Chinchorro mummies are the world's oldest man-made mummies. (Yes, older than the ancient Egyptian mummies!) What has started to happen to the Chinchorro mummies?_____________________ What was found to be causing this to happen?__________________and ________________________ Near which desert were the Chinchorro mummies found?______________________Near which two present-day countries did the Chinchorro people once live? _____________and____________Find the answers at this link:CBSnews

4. What do most mummies(preserved bodies) still have? _____________,__________and__________. What grows on a dead body causing it to decay?________________ and _______________ What are three natural ways to mummify a body?________, _____________and _____________ Name THREE places in the world where cultures made man-
made( preserved) dead bodies ___________.___________and___________. Of these three cultures, which created the oldest man-made mummies?

_______________ Find the answers at this link: PBS.ORG

There are 12 web questions in the complete webquest. There are comprehension questions, A Did You Know? Section, extension activities, the key and additional links for teachers on the topic.Click here:MUMMIES! A Webquest/Extension Activities

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