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Martin Luther King Webquest

Martin Luther King Day

Minister, activist, and prominent leader in the African American civil rights movement ...

1. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1929, Martin Luther King( whose birth name was Michael) was named for a German monk named Martin Luther. Growing up, Martin Luther, called________ and his sisters and brothers couldn't go to the park or the movie theater or even ride the elevators with white people.They couldn't drink out of the same water fountains or use the same bathrooms,either.What were black people expected to do if they were seated on a public bus?_________ As a young boy, what happened when he wanted to play with the white neighbor boys?___________What did his teacher Miss Lemon teach him?________________ If he saw an injustice, Miss Lemon taught him that he could rebel but reminded him to do so in which two ways?_____________
Find the answers at this link::Garden of Praise

2. When growing up, what were two events that made lasting impressions on a young Martin Luther King of the unequal treatment of African American?____________and__________________.From which person's teachings did he study and from which country did this man live?_________________What was the method used to try and bring about change?___________
Find the answers at this link:Garden of Praise

3. His most famous speech, his 1963 "I Have a Dream"speech took place on the Mall in Washington,DC,in from of 250,000 people. On the steps of what famous memorial was the speech given?____________Which creed did Martin Luther King hope that our nation would rise up and live out?__________In which type of nation did he hope his children would one day live?___________________
Find the answers at this link:Fact Monster

Check out the complete webquest(7 questions with comprehension questions and additional resources at my TptStore:Martin Luther King: A Webquest

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