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It's Greek to Me!
Learn about the Ancient Greeks

1. and
Look at the map of Greece. The country of Greece is about the size of which state?____________
What countries border the country of Greece? __________What bodies of water touch Greece?______________ What is the largest island of Greece?______________ Which direction is Sparta from the capital city of Athens? _______ Does Greece have a major river?______

2. Corinth Canal
Click on  photos to see primary documents on the history of the building of the Corinth Canal. Solving the geographic problem of a faster method of travel, the idea of a canal began as early as 602 BC. Go to math conversions( and find the length (6346m), width(24.6m) and depth of (8m) the Corinth Canal.

Look at the chart.  What is the height of Mt. Olympus and when was the recorded climb to the summit?____________

4.Check out
View Mt. Olympus and read the stories about the ancient Greek gods' home.

VERY COOL PHOTOGRAPH OF THE METEORA of GREECE! Read about the great meteores of Greece. Where in Greece are these gigantic peaks found?__________
What was built on these peaks?____________________

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In addition to notes,I have included lots of additional resources, websites and activities that you might find of value.

Check out my reading activity on Socrates.With this biographical reading passage, students will learn about the Socrates, the famous Philosopher of Ancient Greece. Nicknamed the "Great Questioner", this reading introduces students to Socrates. There is also a Did You Know? section, comprehension questions and a teacher page with extensions and links. This resource is part of my new series, "Let's Meet..." famous people in ancient history. More titles are being added later in the week. Socrates