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"If I can not do great things, I can do small things in a great way."Martin Luther King

Try doing an act of kindness for someone, today!

"The purpose of life is to amount to something and have it make some difference that you lived at all."(Dear Abby)

"Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Eleanor Roosevelt


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Hot off the presses. My latest article, "The Giants are Coming" was just published in the July issue of FACES Magazine(A Cobblestone publication)

I just finished checking all the links on my website(7/29)!

Freebies for August:

  • 1.With the 50th anniversary of the First Manned Moon Landing, this summer,check out this Interactive Notebook Activity on Space:Space Freebie, An Interactive Notebook Activity!

  • 2. Fake News: FAKE News, a FREEBIE!

  • 3. National Aviation Day is 8/19:National Aviation Day Freebie
  • 4. World Elephant Day is 8/12:Elephants: A Freebie
  • 5. Antibullying:Antibullying Freebie

  • Highlighted Resources for AUGUST:

  • 1. July 21st is the 50th anniversary of the first Manned Moon Landing! Check out this Reader's Theater Script on the Astronauts that participated in this Historic Event!Man Walks on the Moon! Reader's Theater Script

  • 2. Countries in Focus: Webquests on 10 different countries of the world.Countries in Focus(Webquests on TEN Countries of the World)
  • 3. Everything has a History, A BUNDLE! Show kids that everything has a history! Check out my bundle on Everything Has a History Resources:Everything has a History, A Bundle of Resources

  • 4.Introduce kids to some popular world landmarks around the world. This reading is on the the Taj Mahal!Taj Mahal, A Reading Passage Activity

  • 5. Learn about some of the world's famous Landmarks of the world. This reading is on the Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower, A Reading Passage Activity

  • 6. Learn about some of the famous landmarks around the world. This web quest includes: Uluru Rock, Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Mt. Everest, Dead Sea, Rock of Gibraltar, Great Pyramid, Suez Canal. Stonehenge, Sahara Desert,Abu Simbel, Easter Island and Angkor Wat. There are comprehension questions and several extension activities. World Landmarks, a Webquest

  • 7. Explore World Landmarks are great to introduce kids to some popular world landmarks around the world. This reading is on Ayers Rock(Uluru):Ayers Rock(Uluru)

  • READINGS on Famous Women:Phillis Wheatley(poet),Aida De Acosta(first woman to fly a powered aircraft), Sojourner Truth(abolitionist, women's rights activist, author), Joan of Arc,Caroline Herschel, Mary Annings,Aglaonike(Greek Astronomer), Hypatia(First Known Woman Mathematician), Agnodice(First Female Doctor?), Enheduanna(First Known Poet), Sophie Brahe(Astronomer and Horticulturist of the Renaissance), Hildegard of Bingen (first musical play, write/abbess of the Middle Ages), Artemesia(Female Naval Commander-Persian War)

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    Check out FREEBIE of TWO Bookmark Bios:Sample of TWO Bookmark Bios

    Use my THINGY letters to have kids write spelling words, vocabulary words or as an art activity! Have students try and guess what some of the THINGY Letters are.(also have Black/White option):ClipArt: Alphabet Thingy Letters!

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  • Colour Fairies: Go Go's Flying Lesson
  • Colour Fairies: Yay Yay Gets Her Wand

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    My Latest Reader's Theater Scripts:Go to the link and click "Preview" to see a sample of the Reader's Theater Script you may find of interest:
  • Galileo Galilei, A Reader's Theater Script
  • Moon Landing!A Reader's Theater Script
  • Wright Brothers: A Reader's Theater Script
  • World War 2 FEMALE Pilots(WASP)
  • Frederick Douglass
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Civil War: Women Soldiers, A Reader's Theater Script
  • Mathew Brady, A Reader's Theater Script
  • Crusades
  • Sir Isaac Newton, A Reader's Theater Script
  • Lewis and Clark: A Reader's Theater Script
  • The Vikings: A Visit with Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson:A Reader's Theater Script
  • Constitution: A Visit with James Madison, "Father of the Constitution: A Reader's Theater Script
  • A Visit with Joshua Crabtree,An American Revolutionary War Tory: A Reader's Theater Script
  • Charles Dickens: A Reader's Theater Script
  • Johnny Appleseed:A Reader's Theater Script
  • Albert Einstein: A Reader's Theater Script
  • Rachel Carson: A Reader's Theater Script
  • Katherine Johnson:Scientist/Mathematician
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Washington Carver: The Peanut Man
  • Thomas Edison, A Reader's Theater Script
  • Marie Curie,Scientist
  • Jacques Cousteau, A Reader's Theater Script
  • Revolutionary War Spies(Culper Spy Ring).A Visit with Female Agent 355
  • A California Gold Rush Prospector!
  • Elizabeth Blackwell, First Woman Doctor
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • William Shakespeare
  • Bessie Coleman,Aviator
  • Marian Anderson
  • Leonardo da Vinci,"Renaissance Man!"
  • Michelangelo!
  • Sacagawea
  • Sequoyah
  • Tuskegee Airman!
  • The Bus Ride That Changed History(A Visit with Rosa Parks)
  • Harriet Tubman

  • Simon,A Victim of the Black Death
  • Marco Polo
  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Love Brewster,Interview with a Pilgrim

  • McSean, the Leprechaun, A Reader's Theater Script

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    I remember the saying "Sticks and stones may break your bones but names can never hurt you". Personally, I never thought this to be true. Words are very powerful and negative words can hurt-a lot! Each day, thousands of young people experience some sort of bullying, either in words and/or actions. These two sites have great resources which might be of help to classroom teachers, parents and young people:
    Stop Bullying!
    Click here to learn more about Anti-Bullying Activities to use in the classroom.Stand up to Bullying!

    To any young people visiting my website. Please,if you are being bullied, seek help...SPEAK TO AN ADULT today!And, if you SEE something that looks like bullying-SAY something to an adult!

    Check out my Pinterest page to see all my resources in one easy place!Click here to learn more:Gail's Social Studies Emporium(and More)

    IN THE NEWS TODAY:8/21/2019:

    Workers excavating for a new elementary school in the city of Taiyuan, China, have unearthed a 1300 year old tomb. It is believed to be that of someone of royalty from the Tang Dynasty. The underground tomb has beautiful wall art and lots of pottery. At this point, it is unknown for whom the tomb was built.

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    A six year old girl was surprised that there weren't any female toy soldiers for her to purchase so she decided to try and do something. She wrote letters to toy companies asking for them to make some female green toy soldiers. The girl, Vivian Lord, says lots of girls would play with toy soldiers, especially if there were female soldiers, just like in real life. One toy company has responded to Vivian. The BMC toy company said that if more people ask for female toy soldiers they might start making them, too! What do you think?

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    Paleontologists have unearthed the remains of a giant parrot that stood 3 ft. 3 inches, in the country of New Zealand. Being so large, the species has been given the name, "Heracles inexpectatus". It also has earned the nickname of "Squawkzilla"". Originally discovered about 11 years ago, what was originally thought to be the bones of a duck or eagle, was recently found to be of an extinct parrot. Due to its size, scientists do not believe the giant parrot was able to fly.

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    There MAY be life on the moon but it came from Earth. A space craft launched by the country of Israel, crashed onto the surface of the moon. Aboard the spacecraft were some dehydrated water bears, or tardigrades, for research purposes. The eight legged creatures were encased in artificial amber, and placed in suspended animation. Also called moss piglets, tardigrades need water to dehydrate so it thought they aren't alive on the moon. Then, again, that can't be known for sure.

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    Update: 8/5- Franky Zapato successfully flew the length of the English Channel with his flyboard! Averaging speeds of 87 mph, Zapato soared the 22 mile channel about 60 ft. above the water. His first attempt, a couple of days ago wasn't successful, when he landed in the water during an attempt to refuel. This time, Zapato used a bigger boat. He didn't give up!Photograph from

    In mid-August, a group of scientists will attempt to sail from the port of Varna, on the Black Sea, to Crete, in a replica of an ancient Egyptian sailing vessel! Greek Historian, Herodotus, wrote that the ancient Egyptians sail as far as the Black Sea in search of resources not available in the lands of Egypt. The 800 mile journey will be in a 46 ft. boat designed from ancient rock drawings found in Egypt. Constructed with bundles of Totora reeds, the ship will have two sails and the crew will attempt to prove that such sailings were possible by the ancient Egyptians. The reed boat needs to be submersed in water for two weeks to get sea worthy. It is thought that the boat is unsinkable due to all the air chambers in the reed bundles. Some of the dangers the crew will face in their small reed boat include rough waters through areas of the Aegean as well as large modern ships that will be in their path. One thing the crew on the Abora IV will have that ancient sailors did not will be modern navigational equipment including radio equipment and modern satellite technology.

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    Paleontologists in France recently found a whopper of a dinosaur femur. The length was almost 7 feet! With that size femur, the dinosaur, a possible sauropod, would have tipped the scale at about 55 tons. Walking the earth about 140 million years ago, the sauropod, with a long neck and long tail, was thought to be a herbivore. The location of the find has been a treasure trove for paleontologists. Over 40 different species, including ostrich dinosaurs and stegosauruses, have been unearthed at the site near the city of Cognac, France.

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    "The school is the last expenditure upon which America should be willing to compromise."FDR
    "If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."(Ben Franklin)
    "You must be the change you want to see in the world."(Mahatma Gandhi)
    "School is a building that has four walls-with tomorrow inside."(Lon Watters)
    "We know the future will outlast all of us, but I believe that all of us will live on in the future we make."(Senator Ted Kennedy)
    "The purpose of life is a life of purpose." (Robert Byrne)

    Special thanks to EducationWorld for letting me use this image of my "alter ego" as Mrs. "Waffenschmidt!

    About Gail:

    I have retired from teaching after 33 1/2 years in the classroom. Of that time, I taught Grade 6 Social Studies teacher for 31 1/2 years.I earned my BA in early secondary education with a concentration in social studies from SUNY Oneonta, New York, and my MST in social studies education from Binghamton University in New York. In 1988, I was awarded the Outstanding Elementary Social Studies Classroom Teacher of the Year Award from the New York State Council for the Social Studies. Additionally, in 1988, I was also awarded the Outstanding Elementary Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award by the National Council for the Social Studies. I am the author of 8 books for teachers and over 30 books for children(Purple Turtle Series by Aadarsh Publishing). In 2019, my new series of three books, "Odd History" will be published by Red Chair Press.

    My work has appeared in most children's publications including:
    Appleseeds,Scholastic's Super Science,Scholastic's Science World,Highlights for Children,Jack and Jill,National Geographic World, Ranger Rick, Cobblestone, Faces, Muse Magazine,Contact Kids, US Kids,Action Magazine(Scholastic),Girls' Life,Boys' Life,American Girl, Instructor,Creative Classroom,Middle Years,Time for Kids,Scholastic News,Scholastic News Zone, Time for Kids , Ask Magazine, Dig,Calliope, Cobblestone, FACES, Studies Weekly, Glo Adventurer, and more.